Blake Talks about going up against Kelly Clarkson on The Voice

They were such great friends that Kelly wound up marrying his manager, but what is it like competing against Kelly Clarkson? AUDIO PLEASE 1:35 mark to the 1:47 mark. 


The Voice Judges Chairs Are Retooled, And Include A "BLOCK" Button! 

The Voice is coming back for a new season soon, and some newly announced changes promise to make it the most competitive season yet.

Judges' chairs that have been completely re-tooled for the upcoming Season 14! 

The new chairs feature aluminum shells, metallic finishes done in automobile finishes, 1,400 individual LED modules with 16 million color options and even chrome cup holders.


The new chairs also feature three new buttons in addition to the traditional red button each coach presses to turn their chair around and fight for any given contestant when their blind audition convinces that coach to try to work with them. For the new season of The Voice, each coach will also have buttons with the other coaches' names on them, which they can use to block another coach from getting a contestant they want. "Each coach has only one block, and only one block is allowed per audition."

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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