Do you agree with these reasons that Valentines Day is over rated?

While some love-drunk couples are excited and eager to spend their first Valentine’s Day together, lots of us have already had enough of everything heart-shaped and pastel-colored that goes with the holiday. But for some couples, Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on them to make it perfect with the right present and plans. We think the holiday is overrated and this is why.

  • Chocolate and flowers are cheaper every other day of the year - We get supply and demand economics and all, but the price hike for these Valentine’s Day staples seems unfair to those of us that want to set ourselves up for a sugar coma.
  • Classic rom coms have given us unrealistic expectations - Those movies we grew up with like “When Harry Met Sally” and “Say Anything” set us up to want the big romantic gestures and we’re not about to settle for less.
  • Finding a Valentine is hard - If you’re single and looking for a sweetie, it doesn’t get any easier as Valentine’s Day approaches. And you’ll probably scare someone off if you mention wanting them to be your Valentine on your very first date.
  • It’s nearly impossible to get a decent dinner reservation for February 14 - This is where planning ahead really pays off and if you don’t secure a spot early, you might be out of luck. Even if you do get a table somewhere, restaurants are overcrowded and way overpriced on Valentine’s Day.
  • We’re still broke from the holidays and can’t afford gifts - It’s hardly been a month since the holidays ended, so our budgets are still recovering from that round of present-buying. Valentine’s Day is expensive and way too overrated.

Source: Elite Daily

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