Ideas for Valentines Day!

It is just days away!!!  The holiday of love, Valentines Day!!  Okay guys, need to step up and do something fun so here we go!

Despite what women’s magazines want us to think, we’re not all good at romance. Some of us are actually uncomfortable with romantic gestures and that makes Valentine’s Day even more awkward. But being bad at romance doesn’t mean you don’t love your bae and want to celebrate the Hallmark holiday that February 14th has become.

So if you despise rom-com-style gestures and still want to celebrate Valentine’s day with your sweetie, here are some date ideas for the romantically challenged.

  • Go bowling - It’s fun, you can usually drink beer, and competition makes it interesting. Plus, bowling is just about the least romantic sport around, so it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting a lane, everyone else will be at romantic candle-lit dinners that night.
  • Head to an archery range - Shooting bows and arrows doesn’t seem very romantic, so it’s an ideal date for spend Valentine’s Day if you’re not into all that sweet stuff.
  • Drink at a dive bar - Do a shot, drink a beer, play darts, and listen to the jukebox while you and your S.O. avoid all the pink Valentine’s Day-themed cocktails being served at other trendy bars.
  • Netflix and chill - It’s not a romantic date if you watch something very unromantic, like “Dark,” Seamless messy nachos instead of making a charcuterie board, and wear your old PJs instead of sexy lingerie.
  • Do your laundry together - This is pretty much the opposite of a romantic Valentine’s Day date. It’s a practical, productive date, one where you accomplish things you need to get done, and it may be the least romantic way to spend that love holiday.

Source: Elite Daily

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