Maddie and Tae: Where have they been?

After becoming the second female country duo to see their debut single hit No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, and earning two consecutive Top 40 hits with their follow up singles, Maddie & Tae really felt like they were headed in the direction they'd always dreamed of. 

But after that things slowed way down... to the point where they lost their record deal and felt like they were having to start over.

Maddie revealed that she experienced a very troubling depression and "felt horrible" about their situation after the pair lost their record deal. 

"If I'm being honest, I went through a really, pretty tough depression after the label thing happened...I kind of always was the person that had a plan, had it figured out, and I never kind of been like dropped on my ass before," she explained in the video. "That was really hard and my self-worth was tied into it, my purpose, everything."

The two now have a new record deal, and lots of new music to bring to their fans, and are very excited! 

"I truly look in the mirror and love who I am today because of the pain that I had to go through to get here," Marlow says. "I'm not going to allow my trials to defeat me, I'm going to let them build me up and learn from them and take as much wisdom as I can from each trial."

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