Blake sends a special message to high school kids

Blake Shelton sent a heartfelt message to a high school class after three teens were killed in a car crash earlier this month. The grieving classmates are having a hard time coping, and Blake understands since he lost his 24-year-old brother Richie in  a car accident when he was a teen himself. In the video message, Blake says: "It  breaks my heart. I completely know how it feels. I lost my brother in a  car accident. I can understand how you guys feel. It’s the worst  possible feeling," Shelton says in a clip. "It’s confusion. It’s anger.  It’s just an overall brokenness that’s just gonna take a lot of time to  heal. If you can find comfort in anything, it’s just knowing that  they’re all in a better place now and God has a plan.”Shelton's  message was made into an eight-minute video slideshow of photos of the three high school students who lost their lives.

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