New York City Bus wedding!

It may sound weird, but a New York City couple just got married on the same bus where they met 13 years ago. 

The couple were married earlier this week while riding a crosstown city bus, surrounded by about 80 friends, an accommodating driver, and a couple of very confused passengers.

OJ Jimenez, an artist and writer, and Kara Mullins, a trends forecaster, made it official on Sunday afternoon while riding through west-bound traffic on 14th Street, NY1 reports. "If there is anyone present today who knows of any reason why this couple shouldn't be married, please get off the bus!" the Universal Life Minister officiant said.

No one did, and the couple happily exchanged vows as family and friends stood on seats and applauded. They were eventually dropped off at West 14th and Washington, for a reception at Le Bain atop the Standard.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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