With weeks to live, she got her last wish


In all his years running Tommy's Restaurant in Ohio, owner Tommy Fello never got an order quite like this one: a mocha milkshake for a customer nearly 400 miles away. 

The request came last month from Emily Pomeranz, a Cleveland Heights native, who was dying from her second battle with pancreatic cancer, Fox 8 reports. When her friend Sam Klein visited her at a hospice in Arlington, Va., he asked her if there was anything she needed. 

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"A Cleveland Indians hat," she said, he writes on Facebook. That one was easy. The second request, not so much. "What I would do right now for a Tommy's mocha milkshake," she mused, Klein tells Fox 8. He emailed Tommy's, and a few days later got a call from Fello, who was on board to make this happen. "It touched my heart," Fello says. But completing the "Milkshake Mission" (aka "Mission Impossible") wasn't a simple feat.

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