You can travel the world as a pet sitter

Get your passports ready because you can actually get a job as a globetrotting pet sitter. It turns out people all over the world will pay you to come stay in their homes and care for their pets. So you get to travel and take care of adorable animals. Sound like fun to you? Here’s what you need to know.

Through the site Trusted Housesitters, pet and homeowners can connect with people with a passion for animals and travel, so the whole thing is mutually beneficial. First the pet owners post the requirements and details the potential pet-sitter needs to meet, as well as deets about the house and fun, local attractions.

Next, pet sitters send in their applications and explain why they are a better choice than all the other applicants. Then there’s a three-step verification process, which includes a background check. And finally, the pet owner picks the best match to care for their home and fur baby.

These are some of the exciting places listed on Trusted Housesitters:

  • Charming Edwardian house with a “well trained, calm: three-year-old golden retriever, located just a block from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Stone farmhouse on the “exquisite countryside” of the south of France, with two dogs and two cats who love to cuddle. Restaurants and shops are just a short drive away and “vineyards and forest encompass the property.”
  • Beautiful villa in a quaint village near Bodrum, Turkey, with three small dogs. The three-bedroom home has a large garden and a pool, as well as three bathrooms and a lounge.

Source: Elite Daily

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