WARNING! Your laptop camera could be spying on you!!



A Washington D.C.-based think tank did a study on the risks internet-connected cameras pose to both national security and the private sector and it could lead to blackmail.

If you’re practicing what the group calls poor cyber-hygiene, a camera hacker could have your IP address and maybe your name, address, and all your friends on Facebook and other social media. 

The hacker could get compromising footage of you and threaten to share it unless you pay up.

There are high-tech ways to disable your cameras, but hackers also have ways to disable your disables. 

The simplest way to shut your camera’s eye is old school, cover it up.

You can even do a piece of tape and a small piece of paper under there so it doesn’t leave residue on your camera, and cover up the microphone as well. 

Both can be easily uncovered for when you really want to use the camera and microphone.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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