Bob Delmont's wife went Ballistic over THIS birthday gift??? Would YOU?

  My wife's birthday was yesterday and she had been dropping hints all year about what she wants.  I have been sort of ignoring it because to me, and most men, spending 400 bucks on a HAIR DRYER seems insane.  Her arguement was she goes through cheap hair dryers all the time, they burn out.  This one will  last a long time and drys your hair in half the time.  So to her surprise I got it for her and she went nuts!!  I really think she was happier getting this than her engagement ring!  Haha.  

  I still think it is a lot for a hair dryer but it is the Dyson Supersonic! Ladies, would you want one?  Have you heard of it?? This better last long after I am gone from this world...just sayin. lol.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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