Brantley Gilbert Busted for Cheating!


NO not on his wife, Brantley would never do that. 

Brantley Gilbert has been called out for CHEATING! Not on his wife, but while playing Madden NFL with Luke Combs! 

The two set out on tour earlier this year and during their downtime played Madden NFL... but Luke Combs had no idea how Brantley won so much! 

“He’s a good guy,” Combs assures. “He’s a Madden guy. He wins every time. He’s good. He’s a good Madden guy. I’m a good Madden guy, but I can concede when I’ve been beaten.”

“He’s just got it, man,” he adds naively. “He plays. I don’t know what it is, I can’t figure it out yet.”

“He challenged me to a game of that,” Gilbert revealed in a recent interview. “What he don’t know is I cheat, bad … I put my team on ‘rookie,’ like the difficulty setting  on ‘rookie,’ and I make everybody else play on ‘all Madden.'”

“If you ain’t cheatin’ you’re cheatin’ yourself!” Gilbert adds.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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