Paralyzed Wounded Warrior sings God Bless America for Memorial Day in D.C.


  Did you happen to catch the Memorial Day special on PBS Sunday night From Washington D.C.?   Opera singer Renee Fleming came out to sing God Bless America with a true Hero.  Captain Luis Avila served 5 combat tours In Afghanistan and Iraq.   In 2011 while leading his team and IED went off near him.  3 of his soldiers were killed and Luis was wounded severely with an amputation of his left leg, two strokes, two heart attacks and severe lack of oxygen which caused brain damage.  He also almost completley paralyzed. 

  He was in a coma for 40 days with his wife and 3 sons by his side.  .  He opened his eyes for the first tim on Febuary 13, 2013 and continues therapy at Walter Reed Medical Center.  Here he is now singing God Bless America in front of thousands of people.  What a true American Hero

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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