Nurse caught taking baby clothes from donation bins, co worker says 'look in the trunk'

Pam Medina is a registered nurse at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital-Forest in Richmond, Virginia. One day, Pam walked into the hospital break room and saw her fellow nurse, Sara, looking embarrassed digging through a box of donated baby clothes. 

 Worried for her friend, Pam confronted Sara about her strange behavior. It was then she learned that Sara recently got custody of her infant granddaughter. And that it all happened so fast- too fast for her to get the necessary supplies one needs for a child so small.


Pam turned to social media for help. She made a heartfelt plea on Facebook for anyone who had any extra baby things to send them her way. The response was incredible. The community really stepped it up for Sara and the two women were absolutely blown away by the amount of love they felt and donations they received. 

Watch the video above to see this amazing act of kindness!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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