What is the real reason Bridesmaids all wear the same dresses?

I know a lot of people have different styles and even colors for their bridesmaids in their weddings now. 

The concept of bridesmaids came to be in ancient Roman times and their purpose wasn’t just to help the bride get into her dress; they were decoys. Back in the day, bridesmaids wouldn’t just match each other, they would also match the bride.

You see, the Romans believed that any happy occasion had the potential to attract evil spirits to the merriment — not to mention all the would-be grooms the bride had turned away before she chose her husband. So to keep the engaged couple safe from demons and angry ex-boyfriends (something some modern brides could actually still use), their friends dressed in matching wedding attire.

The theory was that the group of similarly dressed brides would confuse anyone with ill-will long enough for the happy couple to get through their vows. Once the vows were over and done with, the evil spirits and rejected men would leave, since they had failed to stop the happy marriage.

The threat of demonic wedding crashers petered out by the Victorian era, when brides began to dress more elaborately than their maids

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Bob Delmont

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