Why is the baby sitter in the tub with this little girl?

3-year-old Alidy lost her dad in a fatal car crash in Florida leaving her sad and confused as to what happened to her favorite person. Her babysitter, Keegen, saved her spirit in the most special way. Read more:


Allison’s dad, cassidy, called her his little princess and ever since his death, she hasn’t stopped wearing princess outfits. Her therapist calls it ‘coping with costumes.’ Everyday she puts on a costume and whispers, “look daddy, I’m your princess.” After weeks of seeing Alidy in princess outfits, Keegan decided to make Alidy feel special. 

Keegan told Huffpost"I had gone through a phase a couple years ago in which I bought a mermaid tail that I could swim around in my pool in. I had it in my closet for a couple years so [Alidy] had never seen it."

The next time Keegan came to babysit, she wore it for Alidy in their bath time and Alidy lit up from ear to ear. The combination of Keegan’s bright pink hair and the blue mermaid suit was a hit in Alidy’s heart. The perfect reminder for Alidy, that she’s still her daddy’s little princess.

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Bob Delmont

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