This dog has a huge belly but once it goes into labor, a BIG surprise!!

Dawn and Bill loved their Chihuahua Coco so they were over the moon when they found out she was pregnant. They already had a full house but their love of animals made them want more.  They were a family of four adults, one teenager, one 7-week-old baby, one collie terrier, two cats, and three Chihuahuas.

Veterinarians assured them that the average litter size for Chihuahuas is 5 pups so Bill and Dawn expected no more than that but when Coco went into labor they were blown away!!


After the fifth puppy came out they made sure Coco and her teeny, mice sized puppies were comfortable. Little did they know Coco was far from done!!

Watch the video above to find out how many puppies Coco had- she’s now in the Guinness Book of Records for her amazing birth!!!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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