Employees at Starbucks complain about making the new Unicorn drink!

There are many advantages to being a barista.  You get to meet interesting people everyday.  You get to work with the best coffee making technology.  You get to make fun and delicious drinks.  You even get health benefits if you work for Starbucks.  But sometimes a new trend comes along that makes you wish that you weren't a barista.

The new unicorn frappuccino, also known as unicorn mania, has been sweeping the nation.  People far and wide are marching to their nearest Starbucks to tryout the drink.

Most people are "doing it for the gram", others like the taste of the drink.

Baristas, on the other hand, are struggling to keep up with the demand.


One barista called the drink, 'a poison-infused abomination.'

Another barista actually posted a video of a meltdown he was having after making "the most frappuccinos (he's) ever made in (his) entire life"

Another even took a picture of his hand soaked in unicorn blood.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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