Someone has Accused Kelly Clarkson of Child Abuse from this Video?

Kelly Clarkson is being accused of "child abuse" after posting an Instagram video over the weekend that shows her 2-year-old daughter River trying Nutella for the first time. 

The clip shows the happy toddler taking a bite out of a piece of toast smeared with the chocolate and hazelnut spread. "River, do you like Nutella?" Clarkson asks. "Yeah," River cheerfully replies before doing a little dance. 

Critics were quick to blast the singer in the comments section underneath the post. "Giving food like this to a chid is child abuse," one Instagram user declared. Another wrote, "Nutella is hella bad for you. PACKED with sugars." Several people, however, defended Clarkson from the criticism. "God forbid a parent give their child a little sugar!" one supporter wrote. "What do you think is in all candy that will be in your kids Easter basket on Sunday?" 

Clarkson herself stayed mum about the issue and has since posted more photos of her and her family enjoying Easter together.

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