Mom Has Repairman Fix Furnace, Only To Find A Note About Her Newborn Son Scribbled On Receipt

Food and shelter are basic human needs but for one family when their furnace broke at the most inopportune time, these needs were about to be unfulfilled.

Jesse and Maria Hulscher were parents to a 2 year old and had just given birth to a newborn who was due to come home from the hospital in a few days. Also due in a few days- a huge Minnesota snowstorm.


Their situation was dire- they needed to find someone to repair their heat before the snowstorm hit. That’s where Magnuson Sheet Metal came in. They had them fixed up within 4 hours but that’s not even the best part!!

Watch the video above for this amazing act of kindness- it will restore your faith in humanity!!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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