Man teams up with Pizza Hut to help Community

Sign of Pizza Hut in Liverpool One shopping center

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Beloved TikTok food critic Keith Lee has partnered with Pizza Hut to give back to his community. He feels a personal connection with the pizza chain, having enjoyed their food during some of the most memorable times in his life, like after the birth of his daughter. Together, Lee and Pizza Hut have introduced the FamiLEE Community Pizza, a special pizza created by Lee featuring his family's favorites, pepperoni, and bacon on the hand-tossed crust, with proceeds going towards community initiatives.

As part of the partnership, Pizza Hut and Lee are donating $50-thousand to Southfield ANT and OakHills High Schools. The decision to give back to these schools, where he and his wife attended, was a clear choice for the family and fits with their desire to make a positive impact. In addition to the financial support, Lee and Pizza Hut are hosting pizza parties at the schools, which Lee says have a long history with his family going back generations.

Pizza Hut CMO Lindsay Morgan, who’s a long-time fan of Lee’s food reviews, says the partnership is a good fit for the chain. They wanted fans of Lee and Pizza Hut to be able to try some of his favorite flavors while also helping his community. For Lee, the partnership is a continuation of what he does every day, bringing people together through the power of food.


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