Could YOU be going to a 4 hour work week?

Wooden blocks showing the term 4-day work week. Illustration of the concept of the trend and widespread of 4 working days per week

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Was your two-day weekend long enough, or could you really use a third day off right now?

A new poll of 100 CEOs found 30% are seriously thinking about shifting away from the five-day workweek now. That's how many said they're considering a four-day or four-and-a-half-day week.

Four-and-a-half usually means Fridays are a half-day. But it depends on your job.  

A lot of us would even be willing to work the same number of hours to make it happen. 

A poll in November asked people if they'd be willing to work 10-hour days, four days a week. 77% said it would have a "positive" impact on their life, including almost half who said "extremely positive."



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