The best seat and row on an airplane

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Here’s a window into where to get the best rest on a plane, according to travel experts who spoke to the Huffington Post. They agree that the window seat is the place to be. One major reason the window seat is a great place to get shuteye is that you won’t be woken up by passengers who need to climb over you to go to the bathroom. Another perk of sitting by the window is you’re able to use the wall as a place to lean your head or body. The best window seat on the plane is the one by the wings, according to another expert. Sitting at the front of the plane will also give flyers a less bumpy ride, which could help people sleep more uninterrupted. If you want to snooze, avoid the airplane’s caboose. In addition to experiencing more turbulence, the back of the plane is also where the bathroom is and people using the toilet throughout the flight could impact your slumber.



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