Ever have one item when that person in front of you has like 100!!?

Detail of a man shopping in supermarket

Photo: Minerva Studio / iStock / Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

When you’re in line at the grocery store and you have a bunch of items and you notice the person behind you in line has just one or two, do you let them go ahead? Most of us do, but others are either oblivious … or selfish … and don’t make the offer. Well, a woman named Maddy has gone viral for getting revenge on the customer in front of her who had “100 items,” while she only had a carton of milk, and didn’t let her go ahead. Her devious plan? To hide the other shopper’s toilet paper. “To the lovely lady with 100 items in Aldi who wouldn’t let me go in front with only milk … hope you don’t have diarrhea when you get home. I hid your toilet paper under the counter,” she captioned the video, which has two million views.

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