Popular way to date? First dates over video

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A new poll by the dating app Wingman found first dates over VIDEO are now more popular than meeting up in person. At least for people under 30.

Singles between 18 and 27 were asked if their ideal first date would include getting together, or just chatting on FaceTime or Zoom. 65% chose the virtual option. Here are the three main reasons . . .


1.  It's more efficient. And for young people, it's not weird at all. Wingman's founder says, quote, "Users in that younger age group just absolutely don't bat an eye at it. You can have a quick chat and see if there's that spark."


2.  It's cheaper than a real date. You don't have to drive or get an Uber. One of you might still buy dinner for the other, and have it DoorDashed. But that still may be cheaper than a restaurant.


3.  A lot of young people feel intimidated face-to-face now. They feel more like themselves on Zoom or FaceTime. And if things get awkward, you don't have to make small talk until the bill comes. You just hang up. 


(Business Insider)

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