Bad Pranks people pulled on Easter

An egg in a cup beside a vase with plants, baskets with eggs and a toy chick in a nest.

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For those who celebrate, Easter is a time of religious celebration and family get-togethers. Those family events usually involve some kind of Easter Egg hunt for the kids. For some smart-asses, it’s also a time for pranks. Here are a few Easter pranks some people enjoyed over the weekend…and you can either judge them in horror…or take notes and steal them for yourself next year. 

  • Hiding beautifully painted eggs…that are raw
  • Getting the kids to hunt for eggs…but you never hid any
  • Filling plastic eggs with the guts of real eggs
  • Filling plastic eggs with vegetables, and then enjoying the disappointment
  • All jellybeans are black licorice
  • Put all of the Easter eggs in high spots that the kids can’t reach
  • Take a Cadbury egg, carefully split it in two, scoop out the filling, then fill it with mayonnaise or Crisco, press it back together, melt it whole using a warmed-up knife, and then wrap it back up
  • Coating a raw egg in chocolate just to watch someone chomp down on it 

Source: Cracked 

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