Tim McGraw Explains How His Opening Acts Keep Him Motivated While Touring

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Tim McGraw is one of the biggest stars in the country music industry, and he says he’s still learning from other artists — including those who open for him on tour. Currently, McGraw is on the road with Brandon Davis, Alexandra Kay and Russell Dickerson. The “7500 OBO” hitmaker is urging concertgoers to arrive early enough to catch short sets from all three, crediting them as “super talented” artists with big careers ahead of them. McGraw said in a statement shared by his record label:

“I always want people out there who are gonna push me and people I learn from. Every opening act I’ve ever had, I’ve watched from the side of the stage, and I’ve always learned something from ‘em. And I think when you stop learning from other artists, then you should probably hang it up. There’s so many people out there I learn from, from the newest artist out there to some of the artists that have been around for a long time. You learn something new every time you see ‘em. You know, I look for somebody that’s gonna certainly get the crowd goin’ and somebody who’s gonna bring their A game every time that they perform, cause that elevates me.”

McGraw took to social media before kicking off his tour, sharing videos from a jam session with Davis, Kay and Dickerson. McGraw applauded all three of them as they covered hit songs with their own spins on them. McGraw added to his statement:

“Well first, you’ve gotta come see ‘em [tour openers] because they’re just super talented...They have such an inner light to ‘em that I think that’s gonna resonate on the stage, and I think that’s even gonna come out more when they get in front of a big crowd, in front of a lot of people on a big stage. And I think that’s gonna be something that you’re not gonna wanna miss because I think that they’re gonna have a big career ahead of ‘em.”

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