Michelle Diggs, Owner of Blondie's Doughnuts

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Owner Michelle Diggs is a pharmaceutical industry consultant turned baker with a serious passion for doughnuts.   She learned the time-honored tradition of baking from her grandmother and mother, spending countless hours at the kitchen counter.  Growing up in a traditional Southern family, food was the center of daily life, from holiday gatherings, to life celebrations, and even funerals. These interactions reinforced the connective power of good food and its ability to build bonds within families and communities.

Blondie's Doughnuts signature brioche dough recipe was inspired by tried-and-true family recipes.  Our doughnuts and specialty baked goods are made 100% from scratch using real ingredients you can taste – we never use mixes, synthetic ingredients or artificial preservatives...ever! And our infused glazes, spice blends, custards and creams are all made in-house. We pride ourselves in using old-fashioned baking techniques...just the way Grandma used to do it. Our signature brioche dough goes through a slow fermentation process, allowing it to rise naturally for 36 hours in a cool environment. Our adventurous flavors pairings, combined with a few of Grandma's recipes, makes each bite delightful and leaves your mouth watering for more. 

We're kind of obsessed with doughnuts and everything vintage. This love for vintage Black memorabilia inspired an entire menu of our signature filled doughnuts to celebrate and honor the glamorous ‘bombshell’ icons of days gone by. Flavors like 'Jazzy Josie' named in honor of singer and dancer, Josephine Baker and 'Pretty Kitty', named after screen siren, Eartha Kitt. These beautiful women, like our gooey, filled 'Bombshell' doughnuts, are curvaceous and plump in all the right places.  It's our special way to pay homage to the often-forgotten illustrious icons who refined the world's beauty standards with timeless elegance and grace. 

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