Laurie DeYoung Interviews Author Bruce Feiler

I have had the pleasure of interviewing author Bruce Feiler several times over the years and last week I got another chance. If you’ve heard of the tv show Council of Dads you know his work, it’s based on one of his books. Five years ago Bruce started work on his latest book,Life in the Transitions: Mastering Change At Any Age, who knew that when it was ready to come out we’d be in the middle of a pandemic with so many people being confronted with change. Timing is everything right? Bruce shares some of his own lifequake moments, (those times when everything in your world gets turned upside down), in his new book. He is a cancer survivor, almost went bankrupt and spent time helping his dad work thru a severe depression and several suicide attempts during his Parkinsons diagnosis. Bruce and his team interviewed hundreds of people about their lifequake moments and found out that no matter what those were, most people responded to them in similar ways. This book is so timely for anyone who is going thru a transition right now. Face it, life doesn’t feel the same for any of us but what will the lasting effects of this pandemic be? And what helpful information does Bruce have for us to navigate the transitions we’re currently faced with? You will be encouraged and surely you will feel less alone after listening to our conversation.

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