Sneak Peek At Animal Planet's Very Different Tiger King Documentary

Joe Exotic is back, sort of.

Animal Planet has just released a sneak peek at Surviving Joe Exotic, the network's new documentary about the controversial Tiger King subject. "Four months before his arrest in murder-for-hire charges, Animal Planet cameras were given special access to Joe Exotic's Tiger Empire." The snippet features a bit of footage showing Exotic and his team move various big cats, all of whom appear to be drugged. He can also be heard bragging about breeding "hybrids," and at one point, Exotic pulls out a gun and shoots a chicken. Animal Planet also states viewers will be introduced to the cats that survived Exotic's reign as the zoo owner. It also appears to focus more on the way Exotic ran his zoo and cared for his animals, rather than on America's big cat business as a whole.

Surviving Joe Exotic premieres Saturday July 25 at 10p on Animal Planet.

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