Netflix Reboots Unsolved Mysteries & Starts Out With A Case From Baltimore

Unsolved Mysteries has been picked up and canceled by numerous television networks over the years but now Netflix has rebooted it and it looks better than ever.

The original series ran for 11 seasons and 260 episodes chronicling over 1,000 stories, and received six Emmy nominations, but now Netflix has added a modern twist to it featuring domestic and international stories. The reboot kicks off with "Mystery on the Rooftop," the story of 32 year old Rey Rivera from Baltimore who was found in an unused office inside the Belvedere Hotel.

His wife Allison is adamant he didn’t kill himself. She says that the medical examiner’s office said his shins were broken in a way that wasn’t consistent with his fall and she eventually came across a cryptic note with references to the Freemasons taped to his home office computer. That's not all, Rivera's employer, Stansberry and Associates, put a gag order on their employees so that they couldn’t legally talk to anyone about the case.

Allison believes Rey may have stumbled across some information that ultimately led to his death. Although investigators are claiming this was a suicide, his case was ruled “undetermined” and the case remains open.

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