Even Jason From "Friday the 13th" Wants You to Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask has quickly become a hot button issue in America with some states mandating it, some not, and some people throwing temper tantrums when asked to wear one.

Well it's not just Governors and the nations top infectious disease doctor Dr. Anthony Fauci who want you to wear one, one of America’s most famous masked boogey men is now trying to advocate for wearing a mask. Friday the 13th slayer Jason Voorhees, stars in a new PSA created by the ad agency, Ogilvy, about the importance of masking up.

Jason is seen in the video walking by multiple New York City landmarks without a mask while people run out of the way to avoid him. Why are they avoiding him, you ask? Not because he's going to kill them, but because coronavirus will kill them, because he isn't wearing a mask, duh.

The PSA has been met with a lot of support on social media, take a look below!

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