Fells Point Bar Named "Most Haunted Restaurant in Maryland"

If you've ever been to The Horse You Came In On Saloon in Fells Point, you've been in what Food Network considers to be the most haunted restaurant in Maryland.

According to the Food Network, "The energy levels are high, which perhaps explains why floating orbs — believed to be a form of spirits’ energy — have been spotted at the bar. The most famous ghostly legend is that of writer Edgar Allen Poe. The Horse was the last place he was seen before he mysteriously passed away in 1849. There have been rumors of his ghost walking down the street on his way to the saloon and bartenders even used to leave out a glass of cognac for him (though the bar no longer serves it)."

CBS News also reported that "in addition to being Baltimore’s oldest saloon, it is the only bar in Maryland to exist before, during and after prohibition."



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