Francesca's Photo & Video Diary: Nathanson Dental!

Francesca and Dr. Nathanson of Nathanson Dental

Hi WPOC Listeners and Dental Patients/Prospects! 

My name is Francesca. If you’re a regular WPOC listener, you’ve probably heard about my experiences at NATHANSON DENTAL on the Laurie DeYoung Morning Show, where I am a co-host. So far, I’ve had regular check-ups & cleanings, a series of whitening sessions and had my (crooked) upper teeth surfaces bonded for a more ‘even’ appearance… and a much nicer smile. But let’s start off more generally. As you scroll down, you’ll learn all about my dental adventure, complete with photos and a video diary!

Vickie checks me in for my first appointment

Vicki checks me in for my first appointment


Your healthiest, most beautiful smiles start when you first meet Dr. Joel Nathanson and his team. He listens to your goals and concerns, and partners with you to decide on a care approach that works with your life and schedule. Dr. Nathanson uses advanced dental techniques and technology to help you achieve your goals. As a patient-centered practice, Nathanson Dental customizes every part of your care to your particular needs, wants and desires. He and his team provide dental exams, cleanings, and:


Dr. Nathanson explains his approach to ‘modern dentistry.’


You’ll never feel like a number on a chart or teeth in a chair. Instead, you’ll be known by name and he’ll remember what’s important to you. And it’s not just Dr. Nathanson. Everyone at Nathanson Dental is a caring, talented professional. The entire team is very warm and approachable. You’ll love their attention to detail and the team’s personal touch!  

Francesca at Nathanson Dental

Nancy helps me get comfy with a blanket, neck pillow and warm lemon towel.

My very first visit to Nathanson Dental is something I’ll never forget. Vicki welcomed me from the moment I stepped foot into the office and Nancy took such amazing care of me during my appointment. She was so kind and explained everything as she went, answered all of my questions and stayed with me until the very end of my appointment. Dr. Nathanson came in, of course, and did a fantastic job and it was amazing to see how seamlessly they worked together.

Vickie gets me ready to authorize today’s procedure.

Vicki gets me ready to authorize today’s procedure.

Francesca at Nathanson Dental

Nancy gets me ready for Dr. Nathanson


Dr. Nathanson and his team want their patients to feel that they have well been taken care of, so they offer what Dr. Nathanson calls a ‘Comfort Menu.’ Patients can enjoy chairs with heated massage pads, watch Netflix movies and shows on ceiling-mounted TVs, benefit from aromatherapy, and receive a warm lavender-scented towel at the end of their visits.


Dr. Nathanson explains the importance of the ‘patient experience.’

Other items include neck & lumbar pillows, blankets, dark glasses and a ‘comfort alert clicker’ to interrupt treatment should you feel any level of discomfort. Hot and cold beverages, lip balm, hand lotion, complimentary makeup touch-ups and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are always nearby. 


I’ve battled yellow, stained teeth for many years now. I started working early morning radio back in college, so my teeth have taken a beating with the amount of coffee I’ve drank over the years. I really wanted a change, so I met with Dr. Nathanson last summer about Zoom Whitening. He explained to me that over time, tooth enamel gets stained because it’s porous, and that discoloration pigments get in between the enamel crystals. So ‘whitening’ is a process that breaks down those pigments. Which results in a whiter, brighter smile. The Zoom Whitening process was super easy and I didn’t feel a thing. I was in and out in under an hour and now I love my new white smile!


Dr. Nathanson explains the science behind the Zoom Whitening process.


I’ve always had a problem with nighttime teeth grinding. And over time, it took its toll… wearing out the protective tooth enamel on top and then started chipping off. Dr. Nathanson had a great solution that utilized what he called the “no shot, no drill, no anesthesia” method. By using a ‘water laser,’ he was able to smooth off the surfaces, and then bonded on some ‘wear resistant’ tooth colored surface material to protect my teeth, smooth out the surface, and improve the appearance. My two front teeth feel SO much better, silky smooth without any jagged areas or chips.

These Before/After photos show off my much straighter teeth… and brighter smile!

Dr. Nathanson was so attentive during this process, continually checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable and had me check at least five times to make sure my teeth felt perfect. Not to mention they look so much better than before. The photo above speaks for itself!

Dr. Nathanson explains and answers all my questions.


Nancy then took me to check out and booked my next appointment, where I was given a goodbye goodie bag! Watching the team work together and so easily from the beginning of the appointment to the end… just built up my confidence that much more. I realized that Dr. Nathanson and his team were the perfect fit for me.

Francesca at Nathanson Dental with her new patient goodie bag

Nancy gave me some dental hygiene gifts in a new patient ‘goodie bag!’

Dr. Nathanson and his team get my highest recommendation. They make me feel so comfortable and welcome every time I visit them and they truly care about how you’re feeling through your dental journey. Dr. Nathanson’s knowledge is unparalleled. Combined with his nurturing staff and culture of comfort, there’s no better place for your dental needs than Nathanson Dental!

Francesca at Nathanson Dental

I’m not the only one who loves Nathanson Dental!

Find out more for yourself by calling them today. Their phone number is 443-275-9641 or just follow this link to their website!

Thanks for reading my ‘dental adventure diary!’ And remember, you’ll never need to ‘sweat it’ when you visit Dr. Nathanson’s office. And tell them, that “Francesca sent ya!”


Francesca at Nathanson Dental


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