Did You Know This Bachelorette Favorite Was Signed By The Ravens?!

Tyler C. has been a fan favorite on this season of The Bachelorette since the beginning, but did you know that he not only had a professional football career...but it also led him to the Baltimore Ravens?!

Cameron's college football career started as a backup quarterback for Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where he played for two years, before transferring to Florida Atlantic University as a played tight end. According to a 2014 interview with his Wake Forest coach, Dave Clawson, it was revealed that injuries led to the transfer.

“Tyler has had some injuries, and he has indicated to us that he’s planning to play somewhere else next year." Clawson said. "With those two factors, we just kind of told Tyler: ‘Focus on getting healthy; focus on your academics.’"

In 2017, Cameron was not originally picked up during the NFL Draft but shortly after was signed by the Ravens with the intention of using him as a fullback. He did not last long in the purple and black however because a looming shoulder injury reportedly removed him from the game according to Distractify. Click here to view an interview he did with his local news station where he talks about getting the call to be a Raven.


If you go back on Cameron's Instagram, it is clear that he was committed to the game before committing to going after Hannah's heart on the most reason season of The Bachelorette.


But just in case you "forgot" what he's currently up to, we've got you covered. His title on the show is listed as a general contractor but it's no secret (or shock) that he also has picked up modelling.



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