Learn How To Make Boozy Ice Cream In Baltimore! 🍨🍷

Wine + ice cream = something that sounds like a dream...and what makes this even better is that it can be found right in our backyard!

Baltimore's own Crossroad Company is a family owned business located on South Pulaski Street that created Winecream, a boozy ice cream with up to 10% ABV (the average for wine is 11.6%). With flavors like chocolate covered strawberry, peach cobbler and caramel apple available for order online, this sounds like the perfect treat for the warmer weather that is upon is! But wait...it gets better. You can fully customize your ice cream from the type of wine (including strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple, or peach) and then you can add in toppings or fruit purees! After you have your concoction, Crossroad Company will blast it with liquid nitrogen to give you your personalized ice cream dream!

Tours and tastings at the facility are $15 and available for purchase here.


Can't make it to the facility? Check out this video for an inside look on how they do it!



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