Baltimore Left Russell Dickerson Speechless At Our Holiday Concert Series!

Russell Dickerson brought ALL of the energy to the first show in our WPOC Holiday Concert Series at Rams Head Live on Dec. 2! 

Before the show, Francesca, Michael J & St. Pierre caught up with not only Russell, but his wife Kailey, and got the scoop on the wildly successful year they've had, what their favorite Christmas song is (Francesca was a HUGE fan of their choice!) and they told us about the unique tie they have to Baltimore football! 


But before Russell took the stage, newcomer Travis Denning got Rams Head Live warmed up. If you had a fake ID in your high school and early college years, you may want to give his lead single "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" a listen! 😂 Or even if you didn't, you should still check it out! 


After the crowd was introduced to David Ashley Par....err....Travis Denning, it was time for Russell's high-energy performance and he certainly didn't disappoint! 

From his electric dance moves to A+ covers, there wasn't a dull moment during his 90 minute set! If they didn't know the words already, all of Rams Head Live likely has his new single, "Every Little Thing," stuck in their heads today.


When was the last time you saw a country singer do the tootsie-roll? Today is officially your answer because you can check out Russell's version right below. And also while your'e at it, you can check off "listen to Russell Dickerson's version of a Shania Twain classic" from your bucket list ✔️


Remember those dance moves we mentioned? Witness them for yourself! Bobby Bones may have to watch that mirror ball trophy of his because Russell was coming in HOT 🔥


The stand out moments from the show though? Easily the crowd singing back both of his number one singles. Following "Blue Tacoma," Russell stood on stage in awe for a minute and 50 seconds soaking in the crowd roaring back at him and then during "Yours," we're sure that people in Anne Arundel County could hear us sing! It was an incredible show and one that we'll for sure remember! 


Russell Dickerson & Travis Denning were show one of our WPOC Holiday Concert Series. The next show is our WPOC Acoustic Christmas with Midland, Carly Pearce & Carlton Anderson on December 16 at Rams Head Live and tickets are available here.

Russell Dickerson M&G | WPOC Holiday Concert Series
Russell Dickerson M&G | WPOC Holiday Concert Series
Russell Dickerson met with fans before performing at the WPOC Holiday Concert Series!
Travis Denning M&G | WPOC Holiday Concert Series
Travis Denning M&G | WPOC Holiday Concert Series
Travis Denning met with fans before opening up for Russell Dickerson at our WPOC Holiday Concert Series!


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