Michael J and Francesca Kicked off The Chicken Wing Challenge at Fatties!!

Ready to help us find the BEST Chicken Wings in Charm City?  

We started our search at Fatties Bar and Grill in Essex and THEY ABSOLUTELY ROCKED! Making it even more enjoyable the owner Sharon in a huge Kane Brown Fan and she loves her Country Music on WPOC. 

After spending years managing the restaurant for the original owner and namesake for Fatties, Sharon had the opportunity to take the restaurant/bar over nine years ago. That was a big jump for a woman who had never owned a business before. She struggled finding the financing but made her way to the proceeds necessary to take it over and she's been busting her Country loving badonkadonk ever since to make it a go. 

The chicken wings at Fatties are one of the reasons this neighborhood bar and grill has so many fans and Tuesday's the day to get em for .40 cents a wing. I recommend the Buffalo garlic wings. Francesca got the Bar-B-Que wings and they were delicious too. I gotta go back and try the others soon. Watch our experience below.

Four thumbs up for Fatties Bar and Grill on Old Eastern Avenue in Essex from Michael J and Francesca!



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