Laurie DeYoung's Cookie Bake Off

After a few-year hiatus, Laurie DeYoung's Cookie Swap evolved into Laurie DeYoung's Cookie Bake Off!

20 bakers were invited to the Mt. Washington Tavern after submitting their cookie recipes for a bake-off to determine who had the best cookie in the following categories: "Most Martha-Stewart," "Best Tasting Cookie," "Best Holiday Themed Cookie," "Most Unique Cookie" and "Best Use of Chocolate."

Besides the excitement of cookies, we were able to introduce the newest member of the Laurie DeYoung Show, Francesca, to the special group of bakers! She along with St. Pierre and our Promotions Director, Leslie, had the BEST JOBS EVER a.k.a served as our judges for the afternoon!

All of the cookies were delicious and it was hard to choose who would be crowned the winners but we wanted all of you to check them out yourself, so see the 20 recipes that made it to our first-ever Cookie Bake Off by clicking HERE!



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