Howard County Fair Has Talent Submissions

We've received great submissions so far for Howard County Fair Has Talent and here are some of the talents that will be vying for your votes!

The deadline to submit your talent to compete for the $1,000 grand prize is Friday, July 21 at 12PM. You can submit your talent HERE.

Kaly C. - Musician


Mary G. - Horse High Jumping


Julia G. - Musician 


Katie D. - Musician


Briana K. - Equestrian


Andrea C. - Hula Hooping


Alyssa F. - Singing


Devon N. - Singing


Kasey R. - Baton Twirling


Leigh R. - Viola


Kanagroo - Jump Roping


Melody S. - Singing & Ukulele


Rhett C. - Singer & Musician


Paige S. - Jokes


Makailyn R. - Singing


Maddie N. - Singer & Musician



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