10 Side effects Every one experiences growing up in Maryland!

1.  You feel that Old Bay is the Spice of Life

2. You know the best time to go grocery shopping is during a Baltimore Football game!

3.  You the worst time to go grocery shopping is before a winter snowstorm approaches.

4.  You prefer boardwalk fries drowned in Vinegar

5.  Just the smell of steamed crabs gets you excited beyond belief

6. Road rage from 694, 95, 83, 97, 50  and half a dozen other major highways has been with you since birth

7.  You consider the Maryland Flag a thing of beauty 

8.  You have an urge to scream "O" at any baseball game anywhere in the country during the National Anthem

9.  You are a crab cake snob

10.  You always root for this love story

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