Restaurant Owner Is Constantly Asked For Spare Change...So He Tapes A Sign About Money To The Door

Some people are just wonderful.

Marche Ferdous is a small business owner in Montreal.  He runs a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food.  It's located next to a church and is often frequented by people who are short on cash.  People would come in asking for spare change for food.  Instead of giving it to them, Marche came up with a different idea that is getting attention around the world.

He typed up a note and hung it on the door of his restaurant.  It reads,

"People with no money welcome to eat free."

And he means it.  A young man decided he would test the sign.  He went in and said he had no money.  The staff told him it was ok and asked what he wanted to eat.  It's legit.

You may be wondering how he can afford to do this.  Well, since word of this has spread, other customers have started to offer money to buy meals for other people to take some of the burden off Marche.  

These are some wildly inspiring people!


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