A Philadelphia woman named Lisa Conn was asked to leave a public swimming pool because a security guard thought her bathing suit looked too similar to underwear!

Here's the swimsuit she was wearing, which she bought from American Apparel. the top is watermelon print and the bottoms are gold and glittery (they look nude in the photo here but they're actually a metallic fabric): 



According to Lisa, when she arrived at the pool and tried to get into the water she was approached by a security guard. She said, "The large male security guard refused to let me swim. He said I could not get in wearing a 'bra and panties.' Those were his words. I insisted it was an American Apparel swimsuit."

According to Lisa, the guard then instructed the lifeguard, also a man, to check the tag on the inside of her bottoms (it reads "AMERICAN APPAREL SWIM"), which she allowed him to do.

Once the lifeguard verified that Conn was, in fact, wearing a swimsuit, she was allowed to swim. Unfortunately, the guard wouldn't let up!

"He ridiculed me loudly. He told everyone that I was swimming in a bra and panties. I finally left, asking for his name, which he refused to give me. I came in smiling and happy and left on the verge of tears."





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