While you should definitely try to avoid getting sick this year, there are so many colds and flu's going around that it may be impossible!

And if you do happen to come down with someone, we want to help you look on the bright side until you're better!

Just a few reasons your glass is half-full when you're sick...

- How often do you get to lay around all day in bed, watching TV? It can be tough to be out of work for illness but since you have to be out you might as well try to enjoy it! Watch an old favorite movie in those comfy flannel PJs

- No cooking, no cleaning! Take a break from laundry, dishes, dusting... give yourself a break! Stick some soup in the microwave and call it day. The laundry can wait until you're better

- All-you-can-eat ice cream will certainly help soothe that sore throat

- Take a nice, hot, steamy bath. Not only is it great for colds and the flu (the steam opens up your sinuses and the heat relaxes muscles) but its also just a good way to kick back

- Between work and family and all your responsibilities, when was the last time you unplugged and had the house alone?

Being sick is the worst but hopefully we can help keep your spirits up!

photo credit to Flickr: Mcfarlandmo