This story sounds like a movie plot... Unfortunately it's TRUE!

This whole thing started back in In February of 2013, but it's still going on today!

A Milwaukee Sheriff’s Deputy, Joseph Quiles, rolled through a stop sign and t-boned another vehicle, severely injuring Tanya Weyker. Tanya's neck was broken in three places.

When the officer should have been helping the victim of the accident, he noticed she had red eyes and arrested her for driving while intoxicated, even though they were unable to perform a field sobriety test due to her injuries.

Toxicology reports quickly proved Tanya was sober, but it took another ten months for the Milwaukee County prosecutor to officially decline to press charges against her!

To make matters worse, the police officer who caused the accident claimed in his report that he stopped at the intersection before proceeding into the path of Tanya's car.... But video surveillance from the nearby airport proved his story completely false!

Tanya has now filed a federal civil rights suit against the sheriff and four of his deputies. 

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