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This is an important- and timely- message for parents!



If you're taking your kids to the beach or the pool this summer, skip the spray sunscreens and go for the good old classic lotions.

Consumer Reports has issued a warning that spray sunscreens are being investigated by the FDA for potential risks, particularly that children are breathing it in while being sprayed which could be harmful.

Follow these safety rules from Consumer Reports for the rest of the summer and you should be okay:

• Don’t use sprays on children, unless you have no other product available. In that case, spray the sunscreen onto your hands and rub it on. As with all sunscreens, be especially careful on the face, taking care to avoid the eyes and mouth.

• Adults can still use sprays—but don’t spray your face! Instead, spray on your hands and rub it on, making sure to avoid your eyes and mouth. And try to avoid inhaling it.

• Make sure you apply enough. Our tests have found that sprays can work well when used properly—but it is harder to make sure that you apply enough, especially when it’s windy. We recommend spraying as much as can be evenly applied, and then repeating, just to be safe. On windy days, you might want to spray the sunscreen on your hands and rub it on—or just choose one of our recommended lotions instead.