Distractify is reporting that these outdated wedding traditions are no longer necessary, and that some brides are moving away from these...

- The bouquet toss - no one wants to see drunken bridesmaids go at it on the dance floor...

- Not seeing each other before the wedding - this tradition dates back to arranged marriages, where seeing each other before the wedding could result in one of them running away! This really doesn't apply anymore, and many couples want to their wedding photos looking fresh and pretty!

- The cake smash - brides pay a pretty penny to have their hair and makeup done... Do we really want her to wreck with with chocolate buttercream?

- Throwing rice - from bubbles to streamers, the options are now endless!

- Gender-specific wedding parties - men-of-honor and best-lady's are more and more common

- Bride-side and Groom-side - we're all about to become family, so why divide everyone?

- Bride's family paying for the wedding - most couples today will split the bill

- Dollar dance - some guests will pay hundreds of dollars to attend a wedding... Should they have to pay even more once they get there?

- Diamond rings - diamonds are expensive! Some brides are switching things up and getting sapphires, emeralds, or other colorful stones

- Wearing white - hey, cake stains! Today's bride can feel beautiful in whatever color she wants

- Receiving line - no one likes waiting in line. Unless you have a massive wedding, you can skip the receiving line and just make rounds to the tables

- Wedding favors - some guests say favors are just junk they end up tossing! Skip buying favors and instead put that money towards open bar or better food 

 [photo credit to Flickr: Bill McChesney]