This is so incredible, and very sweet! 

Jason Roth was going through old photos when he suddenly noticed something strange in the background of a preschool Halloween photo... He saw his girlfriend!

Jason and Jessica first met each another as students at the Florida State University. Jessica had grown up in Lakeland, Florida,  and Jason had been raised in Miami... about 235 miles apart. They had no reason to think they'd ever met before!

Just a few months into dating, Jason’s aunt met Jessica and recognized her as a past student at the preschool she ran in Lakeland. Jason had briefly attended the school for just 6 months while he was staying with his aunt.

Then, a year and a half into dating, Jason found this adorable photo:



That's Jason in the superman outfit, and Jessica is the blonde dressed as a genie on the left.

After proposing to Jessica, they later used the photo as a "Save the Date" card for their wedding!

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