MORE "Frozen" is officially in the works! But don't grab your earplugs just yet, parents!

We have a feeling you'll LOVE the sequel... Because it's coming out in book form!

Yepp, that's right! No more sing-a-longs, no blasting "LET IT GO" in the car this time!

Instead, your kids will be begging you to read to them so they can get their "Frozen" fix!

Random House Publishing has revealed that it is producing a chapter-book series aimed at young readers that will "continue the story from the 2013 hit Disney movie."

They'll start the book series with "Anna and Elsa: All Hail the Queen" and "Anna and Elsa: Memory and Magic." According to the publisher, these stories will follow Anna and Elsa as they get to know each other again.

These books will hit stores January 6, 2015, and the publisher plans to release another three or four books later in the year.



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