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The Huffington Post just created a list of "25 Telltale Signs You're a Military Wife" and we just had to share it with you! Here are a few of our favorites from the list...


1. You don't think long distance relationships are a deal breaker -- and you have the love letters to prove it.

2. You are incredibly close friends with someone you never would have crossed paths with without the military.

3. You have spent at least two of the following without your significant other: a) birthday b) Christmas/New Year's c) anniversary d) birth of your child

6. You keep a stash of various home items that don't go in the current house, because you know they might go in the next one. After all, when you move every 2-3 years, this is your motto: MAKE IT WORK!

7. You know what a "daddy doll" is and you choke up when you see a child hugging one.

8. You are guilty of using one of the following in conversation or a text message: a) tracking b) roger c) wilco

10. You understand the kind of self-sacrificing, we-can-overcome-anything romance that most people think only exists in movies or nineteenth-century novels.

11. You still find random moving stickers on things from three or four houses ago. Don't worry; no one else saw...

12. You may be the first to offer criticisms of the military, but you have a reeeeeally hard time biting your tongue when civilians do it.

14. You keep the original boxes for appliances and fragile items in the hopes that it makes your next move easier. (It never really does.)

15. Your young children think anyone in uniform is daddy or mommy.

23. While they're very supportive, your non-military friends and family never quite understand what's going on in your life.

25. And while some days, it makes you want to scream, resiliency has become your middle name. After all, even with all the challenges, sacrifices and setbacks, deep down, you're proud to serve too and you wouldn't have it any other way.


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