Photo Credit: YouTube

This is one of those horrifying stories that thankfully has a happy ending.

This Seattle man had the scare of his life when his car was stolen with his baby daughter strapped in the backseat.

The father popped into a convenience story to make a quick purchase.  Apparently he left the keys in the car because he wasn't planning on being in the store very long.  But, he also left his daughter in the car as well. 

I can't imagine how scared he must have been when he noticed another man jumping into the car to steal it.  Witnesses said the dad could be heard yelling, "My Baby!  My Baby!"

The surveillance footage in the video below captured the terrifying situation.  I'll bet he never leaves his daughter in the car again.

Police found the vehicle, and the unharmed child, about 20 minutes later.

You can read more about the story RIGHT HERE and watch the crazy footage below.